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Festival Organisers / owners / Directors and Promoters

Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on our entertainment industry. We are here to support you when you need us. These are difficult times, so we hope you are able to weather this storm and be stronger for it. Take care. John and Mike


Covid-19 has disrupted Festivals and Events but following recent annoucement's many will look to take place from 21st Jun 2021.  This is excellent news and we are so excited. Please do follow us on social media and bookmark our website "Events' page for the latest news. In the meantime stay safe and we hope to see you soon.

John and Mike


"Our volunteers - Your event"

Welcome to Fest Buddies, a volunteer recruitment and staffing supply company based in London. We are pleased you have found our website and hope you find the information you are looking for. If you have any questions after looking around please do let us know. We look forward to speaking and meeting you.                                                                                      John and Mike

Fest Buddies are very proud to have provided services for the following promoters, festivals and event organisers over the past several years and value our association with them very much.

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Become a volunteer


Fest Buddies are a family of volunteers of all ages, cultures and backgrounds who are enthusiastic, passionate and customer focused individuals. If you are considering volunteering for live events please take a read through the volunteering section and sign up and register with us for upcoming events, it will be great to have you as part of our team. Volunteers commit their free time working shifts in exchange for free access to events and festivals.


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Do you need volunteers?


If you are considering using volunteers for a future event please get in contact with us. We provide  a powerful proposition to events organisers looking for additional resource to support their live events. Together as a team we integrate with the management staff and event team on site allowing organisers to focus resource on other areas of event management. Collectively we help deliver a quality experience for the paying customer.


Click HERE to view video testimonials and read feedback from event owners and promoters

What we do

Volunteers play an important and vital role in a successfully managed event providing additional resource and support. Dealing directly with event organisers and promoters we pre plan the requirements of the events team relating to cover - including roles and shift patterns, thus taking the stress out of this part of the pre-planning.

Accessing our database we select the best most knowledgeable, most experienced and most suitable team to support the event based on our in depth understanding of our people and match them to the roles requiring support. 


Our passion and attention to detail ensures that our volunteers return year after year providing great service for customers.

Our clients get improved satisfaction and a good return on investment. We provide post event analysis to event organiser’s to support continuous improvement