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Who volunteers for Fest Buddies

Fest Buddies prides itself in the  range of people that volunteer and  support us. We are particularly proud of the diverse range of cultures and ages we have within each group that support us. There really is nothing more satisfying than to see people we have brought together build friendships and make new friends for life, it really is what drives John and Mike. Reading the wonderful comments after each event and hearing people arrange meet ups together outside of the events we hold via WhatsApp is wonderful to have played a part of. Fest Buddies started life as a "community of friends" and that still holds strong today, we are a family of Fest Buddies.



The largest group to sign up with Fest Buddies is singles . People have their own personal reasons of course for volunteering ranging from the music, the fresh air, meeting people, learning new things, physical and mental health benefits etc. Whatever your reason give it a try. You wont regret it. Who knows you may even meet Mr or Mrs Right!



Here at Fest Buddies the second largest group is couples. We are proud of the couples and families elements as some volunteer groups are just young people. We can ensure shifts co-ordinate so you are working together and of course see the headline acts you most want to see. Why sit at home on the sofa watching box sets when the great outdoors beckons. Give us a try

Friends and groups

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We are seeing more groups join us. Signing up on your own is not everyones cup of tea so chat to friends or family members and come along as a group. We can try and accommodate you spending precious time together and making memories of a lifetime. what better way to bond than travelling together to an event, putting the world to rights around the roup camping area or having a boogie in the dance tent into the early hours! 



We are proud of our diverse range of volunteers from those just turning 18 to those in their 60s, volunteering is for everyone. This year we have seen family members sign up and join us at festivals we want to see more of this. We support family events and would like to see for example a couple with young children volunteer and cover a couple of alternate shifts in return for a free festival together over 3 or 4 days. What a great way to introduce the youngsters to a music festival without spending hundreds of pounds

Still not sure, take a look at our volunteers testimonials and videos HERE or contact us and we can have a chat.

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