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Why volunteer

People volunteer for all kind of reasons ranging from gaining new skills, meeting new people, having fun and of course to improve both physical and mental well being. People who volunteer have a sense of achievement after the event. Volunteering helps you with all of the following;


  • It helps you gain new skills

  • It helps you gain experience

  • It’s a great networking opportunity

  • It will provide you a sense of purpose

  • Brings fun and fulfilment to your life

  • It connects you with people

  • It results in feelings of being included and involved 

  • Builds self worth and a feeling of making a difference

  • Helps relieve the affects of stress, anger and anxiety

  • Combats depression

  • Is good for the body and mind 

  • Helps you stay physically and mentally fit

  • Looks good on the CV

  • Can advance careers

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