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Event testimonials

"We have worked with Festbuddies for many years now, and they are part of the Standon Calling furniture! They provide us with teams who are polite, full of energy, diverse, positive, and who make our audience feel welcome and looked after. Their management is experienced and supportive, and their outlook on improvements is refreshing and helpful. We thoroughly enjoy having them as part of our team".

Production Director for Standon Calling Festival

I cannot thank you enough for making the Eco Campsite what it was, at such short notice. You and the team picked it up and ran with it, making so welcoming and true to its ethos. I was able to trust that the campsite was well managed and you were really good at communicating any issues straight away.   The success is in the results, not a single tent left and the campers even writing a birthday card to their ‘Uncle Mike’!  Well done all round.  The feedback is really helpful and I will incorporate that into our debrief process for the festival, which will be happening over the coming months. I would love to work with you again, so let’s put some time in the diary before the end of the year to discuss what that could look like

Head of Sustainability for Festival Republic

Both myself and my colleague visited the Eco-camp and was very pleased and impressed with the immaculate way the camp was left. It was 'light years' away from the other campsites we saw. We spoke to the team who worked with the campers, and they were very positive about the response from them.  I hope this model can be expanded at next year's (Reading) Festival.

Councillor for Kentwood - Reading Borough Council

Both myself and my colleague were really impressed with the eco-camp. It felt like stepping into a different world after walking through the other campsites. It was useful to hear from you about how you managed the site, and from campers about their experience. You gave us hope!

Lead Councillor for Leisure and Culture - Reading Borough Council


"It was a pleasure to work with Fest Buddies. Sometimes at festivals we can get let down by volunteers and left in the lurch but with fest buddies I always felt that I could trust and rely on them for support and also to be enthusiastic about what they were asked to do".

Owner  - Actual Reality Arcade

"Thank you so much for helping last weekend. I have honestly had so many people thanking me for your help - so thank you very much - it is appreciated". 

Founder / Director - OnBlackheath Festival 


" A Big thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, without them we wouldn't have been able to run the event"

Co Chair - The Friends of Dulwich Prep

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Fest Buddies for providing a bunch of such wonderful volunteers for OnBlackheath Festival 2018. The volunteers themselves were professional and reliable and we were touched at how much they enjoyed themselves. I would definitely recommend Fest Buddies to any festival looking for a great team of volunteers”. 

Production Manager - Continental Drifts

"John and Mike were brilliant, passionate and great to work with leading up to the festival and over the weekend itself".

Production Manager - Continental Drifts

“The Volunteering was great, as was the organisation. Excellent work - we should be seeing you next year if not before”. 

Director - Crosstown Concerts

“Thanks for all your hard work over the weekend. The Volunteers were fantastic as were both of you for sorting”. 

Production Manager - Crosstown Concerts

“Thanks Mike and John, it was great to have you guys onboard”. 

Production Coordinator – Harvey Goldsmith

If you only want to see part of the video testimonial you can fast forward to the section you are interested in hearing - see timings and questions below;


Video 1 - Tom Wates - Founder / Director - On Blackheath Festival

0.16 - How did you hear about Fest Buddies?

0.46 - What have Fest Buddies done for you?

1.42 - What was it like to work with John and Mike?

2.30 - What are the positives?

3.55 - Would you use them again?

4.54 - Would you recommend them?

5.13 - What 3 words would you use to describe Fest Buddies?

Video 2 - Fleur Dittmer - Co Chair - The Friends of Dulwich Prep

0.14 - How did you hear about Fest Buddies?

0.40 - What have Fest Buddies done for you?

1.05 - What was it like to work with John and Mike?

1.32 - What are the positives?

2.22 - What are the negatives?

2.56 - Would you use them again?

3.12 - Would you recommend them?

3.33 - What 3 words would you use to describe Fest Buddies?

3.42 - Do you have anything else you want to say?

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