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Volunteer testimonials

After each event we survey our people to hear the good news directly from our volunteers but equally important are the learnings which we feed back to the event organisers to work on continuous improvements.


We take on board any learning to improve ourselves to, so encouraging open and honest feedback is important to us.


We believe this helps us retain high quality volunteers and why we are re-invited back to events year after year.


Here are some of the lovely comments we picked out from our volunteers at Soultown Festival in 2022;

Rene – What a fabulous weekend we all had it was truly memorable so thank you so much John and Mike, not sure this could be topped. A lovely weekend but shattered today after two days on our feet. It was a really great weekend. Take care and don’t forget if other events pop up I Am available.


Richard – Firstly it was great to meet both you and John. I can clearly see everyone made new friends and experienced memories they will never forget. The feedback in the group chat says it all. Here’s to next year.


Graham – Thanks again to you and John for organising everything and getting us altogether. Great Job Mate.


Sabrina – Had a great weekend – Thank you


Michelle – Thanks for the opportunity Mike and John , look forward to volunteering for Fest Buddies again next season. I really enjoyed the festival. I love running around solving problems so hope to be able to do it again in the future. X.


Karen – Hope you and John have recovered and had a good sleep. Thanks to you and John for a Fab weekend.


Casey-May – Had such a good time. Thankyou Mike and John x. Loving meeting you all to.


Chris – Today and yesterday was brill, time for Chinese food, whoop whoop


Felix – Thanks to Mike and John for organizing and looking out for us all. I had a wicked time and look forward to next year.


Rosie – Thank you Mike and John had a really good weekend!! Also nice to meet the rest of you!


Jackie  What a fantastic weekend thanks Mike and John and meeting you all, hopefully see you all next year


Laura – Had a great time. Feeling it today! Really lovely to meet all the newbies, you’re all fabulous. Until next time!


Brooke – Hey Thank you for the experience I had a great time and hope to join you more at future festivals



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