DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service


At Fest Buddies we ask that volunteers have a current and valid Basic DBS certificate. It helps us attract the bests festivals, ensures you are safe and allows us to help with a variety of roles you will be able to cover to support the festival.


What are the benefits to you:

• It’s a government recognised document

• Its proof that you have a clean criminal record

• Its opens up opportunities for your employability

• It can be referenced alongside a good CV and other identification when applying for jobs

• Good for prospective employment and needed if working with children or vulnerable groups

• Looks good on the CV

The DBS certificate can be obtained usually within 10 working days and lasts 3 years. We have listed above some details and benefits but for more information go to the official government website - click below. Please note the current cost is £23 to obtain a basic certificate.

You may be asked to produce this along with identification on the day you arrive at the festival