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Standon Calling Festival


Standon Calling Festival is a four day festival. Join us for 4 days of great music, fun, comedy and dance tents which are open till 4am. For giving us some of your valuable time you will receive a free ticket, free staff camping with access to showers, free meal voucher when on shift. We will communicate roles nearer the time and allocate shifts. You will have plenty of time to experience and enjoy the Festival with all of us and your new friends. Apply Now!

Please Note - Flexibility around shifts is vital


Next Steps;

Step 1 - Sign up to volunteer with Fest Buddies HERE 

If you have previously signed up or worked for us skip to step 2.


Before you decide to register your interest and commitment to this event please ensure you are free on the dates of the festival and are able to attend and support us at this 4 day festival. Fest Buddies is a community of trustworthy and hard working people and reliability is also key.

Step 2 - Everyone needs to have at least a basic DBS certificate to volunteer with Fest Buddies. Here is a LINK to the page to obtain one. We will need to see an up to date one on arrival with identification


Step 3 - Complete the ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) The course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete . You can access it HERE


Lastly  Register your interest and commitment to the event HERE

Please note you could Sign up and register interest and complete the DBS and ACT part nearer the time of the event

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