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The Friends of Dulwich Prep London

Annual Fireworks display on

Saturday 9th November 2019


Join us for a fun evening supporting this wonderful event. One of the biggest and best privately run firework displays in the UK.


The event is held at 8 Gallery Road Dulwich, LONDON SE21 7AB


You will require a DBS certificate to join us, if you do not have one you can learn more about it HERE and a link on the page will take you to the Sign up area (Please note there is a charge for DBS).

You will be required from 4pm on the Saturday, and be needed until mid evening - 8pm approximately.

You will receive back your travel expenses (up to £20) and get a £5 voucher towards a hot meal


The role will be stewarding at the event. 


It's great fun, you will make new friends plus you will enjoy the bonfire and firework display. Apply Now!

Next Steps;

1st - Sign up to volunteer with Fest Buddies HERE If you have already signed up skip to 2nd part.


Before you decide to register your interest and commitment to this event please ensure you have a DBS certificate. 

Fest Buddies is a community of reliable, trustworthy and hard working people. Do not apply if you are unsure

2nd - Once signed up register your interest and commitment to the event HERE

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